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About the Artist

My technique as an artist for many of my abstract pieces involves a type of sculpture, a type of photography, and a type of painting.  It’s a method I have never seen any other artist do and is something I developed myself over many years of experimentation and work.  Yet I hesitate to call it work because I enjoy every minute of each creation.  Each vivid piece of art seems to convey a mood as though it is speaking to the observer.  And when I’m in a gentle mood and feel like I’m in synch with nature, I paint elements from that genre, such as flowers, portraying them as the delicate gems that they are.  While I always create art that satisfies myself, my ultimate goal is to create art that touches those who view it.  I have always believed that art has much to do with what you see but so much more about how you feel when you see it.  Thank you for visiting my site and viewing my art.

 Marie E. Altenburg, also known by her initials MEA, is a digital artist who has never stopped refining her craft. Despite a busy life raising five children and working full time, she managed to carve out time to pursue her artistic endeavors as she created art for her own personal enjoyment. With persistence, her artistic growth continues. Over a span of more than 40 years, MEA has developed unique ways of utilizing light and color to produce vivid art.

In Her Own Words
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